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Travertine Pavers are a product of nature and %100 green. Our travertine pavers come with standard thickness of 1-1/4" which helps installation process to go smooth. They are installed as same as the man made interlocking concrete pavers. They can be installed either on sand or on top of your existing concrete deck. Travertine pavers are known for their durability, they have a compressive strenght of 7000PSI(Pound Per Square Inch) which is more than enough even for driveways.

Travertine pavers are a better alternative for any kind of outdoor project. We have had many happy customers along the way since we started. Please visit out Testimonials page to see what our customers think about our products and our services.Our Travertine Pavers come with a non-slippery surface finish called "Tumbling". Tumbled stones are slightly aged in a tumbling machine with abrasive pebbles. This gives stone a better look, smooth edges as well as more grip on the surface; therefore our pavers are perfect for any outdoor project. Such as; Patios, Walkways, Pool Deckings etc.

Travertine pavers are cool to touch and porous enough to use at wet areas. Their warm natural colors blends very well with any landscape element. All these characteristics of Travertine make it a perfect outdoor landscape material.Travertine Pavers used to be a luxury item, and it found its place in high end projects only. Also their weight makes them hard to ship to long distances due to high shipping cost. Since we are a direct importer, we offer our customers best available prices. We made it affordable for anyone who needs a durable yet elegant natural stone landscape. You can even compare our prices to manmade pavers.

We are a local company here in San Francisco Bay Area so you don't have to worry about high shipping costs or delivery problems. We are taking care of all for you also if you run short at the end of the project, you can pick up as much as you need. We offer several different colors and sizes for outdoor use. You can see our paving materials below. We offer pool copings and pool tiles as well. You can visit our Gallery to see some samples or Layout Designs for installation tips and ideas.


Country Classic Travertine French Pattern Pavers