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  Ivory Antica Travertine Brushed & Chiseled Edge       Mocha Travertine Brushed & Chiseled Edge
  $1.99/SF       $1.99/SF
  18"x18" Ivory Antica Travertine Filled Honed Straight Edge       Chocolate Brown Tumbled Paver French Pattern Travertine 1.25" (3 CM)
  $2,95/SF       $3,95/SF  
  2"x2" Noce Tumbled Mosaic Travertine       12"x12"x1.25" (3 CM) Walnut Paver Travertine  
  $3.95/SF       $3,50/SF  
  6"x6" & 3"x6" Gold Travertine Tumbled Tiles       12"x12" Ivory Filled & Honed Travertine  
  $3.50/SF       $3.50/SF  
  Tuscan Walnut Travertine French Pattern Paver       18"x18" Cappuccino Marble Polished and Micro Beveled  
  $3.95/SF.       $3.95/SF  
  Marble Border Pieces 3"x12"       Stone & Tile Border Pieces 2"x12"  
  $5/PCS ( 3 Pcs/Box)       $4/Pcs ( 3 Pcs/Box)  
  Stone & Tile Border Pieces 2"-4" x 12"       Noce travertine Linear Polished Mosaic  
  $5/PCS ( 3 Pcs/Box)       $5.99  
  3"x6" Honey Onyx Brushed Tiles